Sunday, February 14, 2010

Used by God

I have the privilege each Saturday of serving on the Kingston Street Truck.  A parked converted bread van, that provides the homeless and disadvantaged an opportunity to get out of the cold, enjoy a hot beverage and some good conversation.  I love Saturday nights.  Yesterday, a couple of my friends joined me for an evening full of great discussion. Discussion on a number of biblical topics, initiated by one of our clients.  While another younger homeless man, who fell asleep for a couple hours, awoke to share with us some of his thoughts.  In a convoluted and circuitous manner,  he made a number of interesting and poignant statements.  The thing that caught us all off guard, was when he shared with us the gospel as boldly and clearly as any pastor.  I think we were all slapped in the face a bit.  All that night, those who came on the truck shared their experiences and understandings of God.  We did not initiate this line of discussion, but were certainly pleased to be engaged in it.  When we locked up for the night and began the drive home, I shared how I was humbled, to know that those who rarely darken a church door, have the courage and fortitude to share the gospel and the word of God with a stranger, sometimes putting us to shame.

I was reminded of an  episode of Oprah I saw a couple years ago,where she interviewed a Girl form Atlanta who shared Jesus with her Kidnapper who just so happened to kill a bunch of people earlier. I had heard her story a few times, but rarely did they explain her life situation, leaving me with the impression, she was this lifetime Christian, when in fact she was a recovering Crystal Meth addict who had just given up her daughter and could not keep a job.

But God spoke to her, God used her, she heard his voice, and was obedient - she WAS an "Unlikely ANGEL". She shared with him from "The Purpose Driven Life" and as a result saved her life, his life and probably the lives of many others.

I am reminded of the people that are so often judged and written off as useless, to far for even God to find. I am reminded of friends I have had who among all their struggles, all their burdens, in spite of their strongholds, have allowed God {even if they did not recognize it} if even for a moment to use them - to save someone else. "IF YOU GIVE WHAT YOU GOT TO GOD - HE WILL TAKE IT AND USE IT"

God is working in us all, We all have a long way to go, we are all at different places in our Christian Walk, but If we listen for God, and are obedient to His voice, then we will be saved and can save others. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE USED BY GOD!

We need to be careful so careful of not becoming so caught up in our own transformation that we forget where we came from and fall into the trap of judging others.  There is a purpose for every life!

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