Saturday, February 6, 2010

Levels of Grey

I realized that I had in an earlier post unwittingly started what would be my next poetry slam.  So I took those first few lines and ran with it. I am trying purposely to balance grace with truth (forgiveness slam was all about grace).  However I can only write what comes to me and this is what came to me... 

Levels of Grey
Things don't seem to be as black and white as they were back in the day.  We live in a society crumbling in a torrent of moral decay.  When it comes to doing right, there are now all these levels of grey.  I don't get it, I can't understand, why it is that we continue, to despise our fellow man.  With more opportunity to come together, we're still falling apart, not due to a lack of knowledge or opportunity but a failing of the heart.  The most frustrating thing is who do you blame, how do you fix a problem you can't even name?

Nobody stays together anymore, husbands and wives walking out the door. Marriage is rarely seen as a sacred trust, simply a joke, or for some, a quick fix for lust.  A world where rules like promises are made to be broken, vows that are made but should never have been spoken. Lies and gossip are the name of the game, in trying to get ahead it doesn't matter who you maim or defame.  Integrity? Are you kidding me?  Even Martha Stewart got caught taking a little off the top, it seems there aren't to many people left, that can't be bought.  Everybody's looking to make a quick buck, forget working hard, let it all roll, take a chance on luck. The pain that we cause is not so overt, we create instead, a subtle kind of hurt, with the words that we say, and those that we don't, with the those we ignore and those we promote. Our heaven on earth is never gonna come, if we keep on hurting, ignoring and judging everyone. 

I wish sometimes that we didn't have the money to ease our conscience, using it to make up for the fact that we choose to keep our distance.  Going to church every week, tossing a twenty in the plate, thinking that this enough to get us through the heavenly gate.  What baffles me most of all, is how Oprah and Ellen can get people en mass to  answer the call, to help those in need, to step forward and serve, while those of us with the power of God, too often sit on the sidelines and observe.  A world desperate for the spiritual truth that will end their strife, are more drawn to lost symbols, a new earth, and the secret, rather than, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Forgive us Father for we know not what we do, too focused on ourselves, instead of pointing others towards You.  

I realize how far we are from who we need to be, but I am trusting in God's forgiveness and power to transform you and me. We're all a work in progress, so search our hearts Oh God, reveal any unclean way in us, so that we can lead and be led to the promised land like Moses.

I am not saying that there are no areas of grey, for certain there are choices that may, not be so black and white, but we've got to try and get it right.  We need to look at the results of all that we've been choosing and realize that it's more than just our way of life that we risk losing. Our souls are crying out for a better way, knowing there is gonna come a day, when God will wipe every tear away.
We're all meant to live a greater existence, but that means setting aside our vengeance, listening to our conscience, and accepting that Christ has already served our sentence. His Kingdom will not come, until we surrender our lives to the one, who paid the cost on the cross, giving up his own life, to seek and save the lost.

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