Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Slam

Sweet that the Canadian Olympic opening celebrations included a slam poet!  Especially since I have been introducing it to our church recently. With the new found attention on poetry slam and being that valentines day is tomorrow,  I thought I 'd writing another one on love.  A difficult task I found, the topic of love doesn't really lend itself to poetry of the slam variety.  What remains below is my work in progress, with much work left to do.  If you want to read some of the slams I have completed they can be found in previous posts of the following titles: "Levels of Grey", "Consider Your Ways" & "Forgiveness"

You’ve spent a long time looking for love in all the wrong places, searching for someone to rescue you in a sea of stranger’s faces. I see you crying because he's broken your heart and the anger welling up inside when she’s ripped you apart. Love is a word, that you’ve heard, from a lot of people over the years, only to have those people leave you alone with your tears. With the way the word love is being thrown about, I understand you have every reason to doubt, especially when family, friends, and spouses say it and then turn around and walk out. It saddens me to see, that you haven’t been given many reasons to believe, that my love is true, love seeming more like lip service than something my children actually do, but listen to me now as I say this to you.

I LOVE YOU – just the way you are, every single hair on your head, every single scar. Even before your first day of conception, you had my attention. It doesn’t matter what you have done or what’s been done to you, you are my beloved through and through. I’ll comfort you in your trouble, helping you get through all of the rubble. When the pain stops stinging and the good times are beginning, I‘ll be there too, rejoicing over you with singing. 

It is you that I adore, and I have been waiting for you to open the door. Allow me to heal all the pain and hurt that you feel, proving to you that my love is real. I want to lavish on you my love, and give you every good gift that comes from above. I will complete you, and I will set you free, stop looking for it from everyone else, cause true Love comes from me. My love is everlasting it has no end, regardless of how hard things get, I will always be your friend.

Please let me love you, and I’ll prove myself to be true. If you stop hiding behind your doubts and fear, take a step of faith, my love will become abundantly clear. I know it’s hard to believe, trusting in something you can’t see seems kind of naïve, but I have shown you in the greatest of ways that I will love you for all of your days. There is nothing that I can do more, than to prove that you were worth dying for.

Love is not lip service, it something you do, and I proved it when I sent my own son to you. Stretching his arms out as far as they’d go, nailed to the cross for the whole world to know, I love you this much, and I'm waiting on you to make up your mind do you love me too?

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