Saturday, March 6, 2010

Privileged to Serve

We watch inspirational movies about coaches and teachers coming alongside their students and players, influencing them towards greatness, but the truth remains that God, has equipped each of us to do the same in the lives of all those He brings across our path.  It is no small thing to care for another, to give of our time, to invest in the life of another.  No effort when extended in sincerity  of heart, to the benefit of another goes unused.  We may never see the fruits of our labour this side of heaven, and that is okay, because we know that it is to God's glory and through His mercy and strength that lives are transformed.

Then there are those times, overwhelming, humbling, privileged glimpses of how He uses us to touch the life of another!  With God, our life has meaning.  Because of God, we can help others to see that their lives have meaning.  It is not in the grandiose gestures, extravagant events or even planned, plotted and prepared endeavours that we truly transform this world, and the lives of those who live within it.  It is simply in allowing our hearts to touch another's - together pulsating loudly with beats of passion that encourages each of us on to greatness, like tribal drums beckoning us to unite and go forth, conquering all that stands between us and our dreams.

God, has set my heart to pounding.  I pray my dreams will be His dreams!  I will do all He asks of me, from the seemingly small to the uncomfortably inconceivable.  I do not deserve all that God has provided me, this life, the privilege to serve, to share my life with others and theirs with mine, but I am grateful.  I am oh so thankful for the opportunities to share with others all that God has shared with me.

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