Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Message Needs to be Seen

A friend handed me a DVD on the weekend, which they had randomly come across and thought I might enjoy. The DVD called "Ignite the Light", contains messages from some popular speakers who had spoken at a conference held at the Peoples Church in Toronto.  One of those speakers is my favourite apologist, and learned evangelist, Ravi Zacharias.  The following are some of his points that resonated with me, as I watched it today.

Ladies and Gentlemen there is a world out there that needs to be reached, and our message needs to be seen. 

We are the only ones, in the world views around us, that claim our transformation is supernatural. We're not talking about being better people by more disciplines, we're not talking about lifting ourselves up by our moral bootstraps,  we actually contend that God has done for us what we cannot do ourselves. We are unable to do it, that is the doctrine of our regeneration, we are born again of the Holy Spirit of God.  If this birth is supernatural we had better be able to demonstrate that supernatural change.

We need a Christian answer that is...

Not Merely heard, but also Seen: It's the thorniest thing, why so much of quarreling that goes on in our circles, why so much of  jealousy, why so many big egos, why such power struggles. If we really want to change this world and take it seriously, I truly believe it can be done with a much greater victory than it has been, if the ministry we have to our friends is visible and not just audible.
Not Merely Argued but also Felt: Henri Nouwen taught us a lesson that the message is not merely cerebral and argumentative, it is a message that must be felt and felt deeply in the soul.

Harnesses the Word: How do you reach a generation for whom feeling and life is identical? You reach that generation by demonstrating that word and life must be identical to. If you can show that, in the beginning was the the word and the word became flesh and dwelt among us, the word has to become like a fire within our bones

I realize that by excerpting certain quotes, you lose some of the supporting content and context, but the truth's he elaborated on are valid and powerful .  The question is in light of it, what are we to do?  This is precisely what I am excited to share on April 11th.  Interest peaked?  Check back then to see how you too can take baby steps that will have the potential to create epic ripples. 

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