Friday, January 29, 2010

Consider Our Ways...

I have the privilege of facilitating a 48 hour prayer vigil this weekend at church.  While I was praying, I became distracted by the sound of the cars going by, which got me thinking and in turn inspired this - my 2nd attempt at poetry slam. Perhaps I`ll attempt to write one a week, but we`ll see how it goes. I could definitely use the practice. This is a spoken word art form, so a little is lost when it is read rather than heard. 

I hear the cars driving by, whizzing, streaming by and I wonder why, they never stop to look inside - this sanctuary. Is it scary? Or is there something more ominous looming? Like the possibility that we are not choosing - to go beyond these stained glass walls to where it is dirty, messy and Jesus calls, us to start leading people out of the darkness, pulling them out of the muck and mire. Cause perhaps we're to concerned that it may ruin our image, mess up our attire.

You can debate me on this, argue that it's not the case but given the evidence or lack there of could you look me in the face. When people are lost more than ever before, many never having even darkened a church door. When there is so much space in this sacred place, full of empty pews and seats - tell me where is all the "Fresh Meat". I'll tell you where it is - in the world rotting away, unaware of their spirits decay, all because our fear or selfishness keeps us away.

Don't blame it on God when He has called you to get out of your pew, to start putting others ahead of you. There are people in Darfur dying, children crying, homeless people sleeping on the street, nations with nothing to eat. So many of God's children oppressed. this world is a mess. Yet we sit back and say it ain't our fault, wondering why the dark is so dark - pitch black like a moonless night. The question worth asking is why is our light not so bright.

Blood stained sacrifice paid the price - Do we honour the cost? When our inaction seems to indicate that we don't really care about the lost. Do we even care to bring them inside - this place where we hide? Or are we embarrassed and ashamed that our church is not all that we've claimed. Maybe we will recognize the error of all that we've been doing, building palaces for ourselves, while God's temple inside our hearts lies in ruins.

I don't mean to rant or come down to hard, my intention is not to have you leaving here emotionally scared - but if you are getting a little offended -then perhaps your heart needs to be mended. Maybe this Def Jam Slam was meant for you, because God has powerful, incredible things for you to do. Don't pack your bags, I'm not sending you on a guilt trip. These words are meant to challenge and edify the church not break the spirits of the saints like a whip. I am there with you, trying to get it right, considering my ways and how to brighten the light within me so that others can see when I venture into the dark, someting worth having, a spark, that will ignite a desire to know of God and his refining fire. Let's consider our ways and how to ensure this is a place of God's glory, where people come and sing praises, sharing their own story - Of how God's servants came blazing bright, leading them out of the darkness and into the light.

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