Monday, September 12, 2011

Insignificant but Important

What a great weekend. It is funny how a simple resolution towards change and betterment can make all the difference. I am not able to discern exactly what it was, but with the posting of my 36-4-36 list, there seemed to lift from me a heaviness of heart, a heaviness I did not recognize was even there.

Today I feel lighter. Perhaps it was the amazing weekend I just enjoyed. Initiated by a surprise party that brought together some of my favourite people from near and far. Friends who had in their wit and kindness, collectively created a card listing the 36 things they appreciated about me - Perhaps I am feeling lighter because my head is getting bigger.

I was uber blessed and completely surprised, to learn that in an effort to support me in my 36-4-36 endeavour, many of my friends had bought me indigo gift cards to use towards purchasing books to read in order to fulfill commitment #6. Others gifted me manicure & pedicure certificates towards commitment #21! I have had a friend offer to teach me to crochet a hat and another to knit a pair of slippers in order to fulfill #18. Another friend is going to lend me their racing bike to enter the Brockville Swim/Bike Duathlon next summer. I laughed when one friend suggested that the people present at my party should help me with commitment #3 by each finding one guy, to ask me out. Now that they are not burdened with my preferences, they can encourage anyone to step forward and I would have to say Yes as long as they love Jesus. They seemed to enjoy the fun they could have in that, perhaps a bit at my expense ;)

I'm excited that I get to share this experience with my friends, many of them joining me in some of the endeavours and others inspired to create and live out their own lists, all of them encouraging me and keeping me accountable!

It has been 4 days since I initiated the 36-4-36 list, and you wouldn't think I'd be experiencing any results as of yet, but I must say - that not having the TV on, has been liberating. I have found myself spending more time with friends, and visiting people, while my time at home is more relaxing and productive.

I have thus far, maintained my commitment to mailing an encouragement card out a day, plus have a few extra birthday cards that I am sending out, to random people.  Today at lunch instead of a burger I had a California club sandwich - avocado, black olives, havarti cheese, and sprouts on whole wheat bread - delicious and closer to that clean eating goal, although the fries may have to go next time ;)

If you are reading this and want to know how you could encourage me in this upcoming week - feel free to pray for me - for strength and commitment to get to the gym, I plan to go to spin on Friday and Cardio Kickbox on Saturday and pray as well for injury free sessions.

I also welcome any suggestions of what to give up each month-for a month, beginning in October. I need 12 things to take me through the year.

I know that none of this is going to change the world, but I recognize that it is important for a myriad of reasons for me to do it anyway. Looking forward to sharing with all of you, not only the progress but the blessings that come as a result.

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