Friday, September 9, 2011


Yay! Another year older, another year filled with God's grace and blessings! Though as I reflect on this past year, I find myself unimpressed with how I lived it. Not bad, just not great. I wasted away the precious days God had given me. Sure I can come up with excuses and justifications, but none that will give me those days back.
So today on my 36th birthday I am committed to living a great year, a year that I can look back on and be proud of. A year that I can look back on and know that I made a difference. A year that was about loving God, others and myself more! Hopefully a year that will catapult me into ongoing years of loving and living better!
I begin today, my 36th year with 36 goals to accomplish by Sept 9th 2012. This is my 36-4-36 list, in no particular order:
1) Lose AT LEAST 36lbs
2) Write a book
3) Go on a date with whomever ASKS, regardless of my preferences and lists. (As long as they love Jesus)
4) Get a family doctor, make an appointment and go
5) See Celine Dion in Las Vegas
6) Read AT LEAST 12 books of which 6 are not Academic/Theology
7) Finish the 2 paintings I have promised and then paint something for me
8) Give TV up for the year, plus a different thing for a month, each month
9) Write & Mail a personal note of encouragement a day (Send me your mailing addy and you will probably get a little something from me in the mail)
10) Do a 3 day fast once a month
11) Enter the Brockville Swim/Bike Duathlon next summer (Or any athletic or Artistic Competition)
12) Increase my tithe
13) Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible - I am thinking Proverbs 3 or Matthew 5
14) Spend a week in silence
15) Go to bed by 9pm and wake up at 5am for a month
16) Finish at least 6 required courses
17) Pay off existing Debt
18) Knit a pair of slippers and/or crochet a hat
19) Invite 1 new and different person to church a month
20) Plant an urban vegetable garden
21) Get a 1 day makeover: Haircut, mani, pedi, facial, new outfit. (A bunch of my girlfriends have individually asked to join me so perhaps this will turn into a girls day - that would be fabulous fun)
22) Enter a poetry slam competition
23) Send a sweet care package to someone/Surprise someone (who knows maybe it will be you)
24) Do the Reynold's James Interview Video
25) Enter open-mic at a Comedy Club
26) Learn a new language or instrument
27) Recycle (I know don't hate I have never been good at this, especially living in an apt)
28) Volunteer at least twice a month
29) Spend a weekend to a week with an old order Mennonite family
30) Unspoken
31) Go to the gym at least twice a week for the year
32) Move towards a 90% clean eating diet by years end
33) Do something just for me every two weeks
34) Give blood & Get life Insurance
35) Play 18 holes of Golf (Again friends have asked to join me, so this may become a great group day)
36) Foster
I have also created a few alternatives, in case some of the above become improbable or unlikely due to circumstances beyond my control or if additional funds, time or opportunity become available I can do these in addition or save them for my 37-4-37 List: A) Have a midnight starlight dance party; B) Go camping; C) Get SCUBA Certified; D) Get Motorcycle License; E) Take an Art or Dance Class; F) Drive Less-Bike/Walk More G) Foodie Road Trip H) Be intentional about building relationships with ppl in my complex
I am sharing this list in part as an encouragement I expect good things to transpire form this and look forward to sharing how God works in and through it all.
If you have suggestions for things to give up each month, any input, opinions or encouragement feel free to leave comments below.

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