Tuesday, April 13, 2010

People Are Listening

Walt: People are going to die, a lot of people and it is going to be your fault
Hurley: What?
Walt: "Because people are listening to you now Hurley"

WOW!  This short dialogue at the beginning of tonight's episode of LOST got my attention.  When we are privileged enough to be used by God to share His word, to have individuals turning to us to share His truth, we must be sure to not take that lightly. 

It is not only about what we say, when given the opportunity, but also what we refuse to say.  In this way Hurley reminds me of Moses.  Hurley is a prophet. Jacob is speaking through Him, using him to lead His people where they need to be in order for Jacob to do His will.  Yet he is tentative, replying more than once this season, in a similar fashion to the way Moses did when God asked Him to speak to His people on His behalf. "Moses answered, "What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, 'The LORD did not appear to you'?"  ~Exodus 4:1 

It is not only the words we say, but those we don't which can affect people's lives.  I am reminded of a powerful message I heard a year or so ago from Pastor Perry Noble, which speaks to this truth, in no uncertain terms.

"If you want to make it for the long haul in ministry - especially as a pastor you need to deal with your pride and insecurities - especially Insecurities.

God called Moses and instead of accepting the call the first thing Moses said was "WHAT IF". We are "WHAT IF'ing" God to death - God speaks to our heart and tells us to do/say something and we say what if - what if the deacons/what if the elders/what if the lady who has been in the church for 50 years...If God put it in your heart to say it and you don't say it - if God put it in your heart to do it and you don't do it....

You're not a prophet of God, you're a prostitute of the church.

It is not my job to keep the sheep happy - make everyone happy - take an opinion poll every time I speak to the congregation. It is my job to ACCEPT THE CALL of God - the ANOINTING of God - to WALK IN THE POWER of God - LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT of God - PREACH THE WORD of God - and WATCH what God can do when a person gets SOLD OUT to God."

This doesn't apply only to pastors, but to each of us as ministers of the gospel, as friends , family and accountability partners.  Sometimes the worst thing we can do to a person, is keep quiet, when what we need to do is speak life giving truth into their lives, regardless of how  we perceive they may react to us, or what it may cost us.

The episode continues, with Jack confessing his need to give up control and trust others....I could spend forever talking about that one from personal experience - perhaps tomorrow's post.

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