Monday, April 12, 2010

A Cup of Cold Water

I am impressed and inspired by the simple and authentic actions of Christians. On the other hand people who have incredible biblical knowledge, astounding giftedness, and pious spiritual lives, leave me yawning, if it is void of simple and sincere expressions of their faith, and love of God and others.

I've said it before and I will say it again, I am a Walton's kinda girl, content with a Walton's kinda life. While I personally love academics, the arts and culture, what really delights my heart is community, relationships with people and God.

Friday afternoon, I experienced a Walton's moment. One person's simple and sincere action left me encouraged, inspired, and refreshed my faith in people, the church and those who serve in it! A young pastor from an FM church in Cloyne, knocked on the door of our church office, asking if any of the pastors were in. I was the only one remaining in the office that afternoon I told him, to which he asked if it would be alright to come in and pray for me.

I was astounded by what I learned next, this young pastor and another gentleman he was mentoring, had driven to Kingston for the sole purpose of going church to church to pray for the pastors. No hidden agendas, so self serving motives, no grandiose gesture, but a gift that spoke volumes. This is in large part what I believe it looks like to be the "church" - it is relational - it has a face - it seeks to serve others, to the glory of God. It is simple, it is pure, it is selfless. This one action, was so refreshing, like being offered a glass of the coolest water, in the dryest of deserts.

It certainly served as affirmation and encouraged me to initiate "iSERVE * iPRAY" that  Sunday. The encouragement continues as people decide to join in.  So man dedicated to growing in love and service of God and others. One participant wrote on the Facebook discussion page that their "Live the Word Challenge" for today was to "write a thank you note to a person from their past who has made a difference in their life". This is what they shared "...She was my JMS (Junior Missionary Servants) leader in church when I was young. She taught us songs in Swahili and who knew that years later, I would sponsor a beautiful girl in Kenya and have the chance to visit her and meet so many wonderful people. My heart is in Kenya and I thank God all the time for Mrs. Smith. She's an amazing God-fearing woman, everyone that knows her, loves her." Simple actions that impact the lives of others in profound ways, ways we may never even realize this side of heaven what a difference even the smallest acts of service may have.

"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward" Matthew 10:42

Practicing what I preach, my live the word challenge for today is: to commit to praying for 2 people everyday for the next 6 months. 1 person from your church and one from your community. I have committed to praying for an amazingly generous and kind woman from our church, who faces mental and financial challenges and yet remains one of the most generous, and kind people I know. The person from the community I'm praying for everyday is our Mayor Henry Rosen. I know little about Him, but plan to learn a bit about him personally and His service to our city each day and will pray specifically for him based upon what I learn.

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